Andrew Marc ‘Felix’ Stand Collar Leather Jacket Review


The Marc New York Felix Stand Collar Leather Jacket

I received this genuine leather jacket for Christmas this year. I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful this jacket is in person! I had been wanting a genuine leather jacket for quite some time now and having one in my hands made it just that much better! I opened the box wondering what could be inside, but when I ripped the box open the scent of genuine leather took over and I knew that there was something amazing inside that box! HAHA! So I opened it up and there is was the leather jacket of my dreams!

This is exactly the jacket that I had envisioned! It was perfect! I almost couldn’t believe it! I tried it on and it fit perfectly, so here were are talking about this gorgeous gift!

Let’s get into the details of this beauty!

  • Shell (Outside Surface of the Jacket): 100% Genuine Leather
  • Lining (Interior of the Jacket): 100% Polyester
  • Front zip pockets

  • Leather with Acrylic Trim
  • This jacket has to be cleaned by a professional leather cleaner!

From my experience the Andrew Marc Felix  Jacket runs true to size, I cannot say this for sure because I have never met anyone that owns one. I do want to say that it does not come past the waste line so if you are wearing a long shirt it will not cover your shirt and your shirt will hang out of the bottom! That is one of the things that I absolutely love about it too!

The only negative about this jacket is, IT IS A JACKET & jackets are not meant to be worn as actual coats! It will not keep you warm in subzero temperatures! So don’t wear it as a coat and you will be just fine! 🙂

I also want to mention that the material such as any other genuine leather product they are extremely sensitive to makeup. I don’t even know how I did it but I got foundation on my new jacket just a few hours after receiving it 😦 !

Overall I would give this jacket an A+++, it is very stylish and apparently all of the girls in New York LOVE this jacket! I can definitely see why! I am in love with it!

If you want to get a genuine leather jacket that is beautiful, stylish and also one that will catch people’s eyes then this is the jacket for you! I PROMISE! I got EVERYONE’S ATTENTION while out and about!