Women’s Ralph Lauren Mikell Boots

INTRODUCING: Mikell Cold-Weather Lace Up Booties

Lauren Ralph Lauren Mikelle Cold-Weather Lace-Up Booties

The moment I received these boots, I was literally so excited I almost hit the floor! I had always wanted a pair of boots, and these went far above and beyond my expectations! I had mentioned earlier in the month that I wanted a pair of boots to wear during the winter and even during other parts of the year because I had never owned a pair of boots as an adult! & What do you ya know, my amazing boyfriend bought them for me for Christmas!

Let’s get to the facts about these adorable boots:

  • Runs True to Size!

  • Exterior is covered in Posh Suede (I am assuming this means Stylish

  • Suede)Suede/Leather: Upper Manmade Sole

  • Contrast Color at Welt
  • Imported

  • Incredibly Stylish 😉 I just added that myself because let’s be honest! They are!


 If you are considering buying a pair of boots for the winter or any other time of year, these boots are just too perfect! They are a bit stiff at first, like any other pair of boots but once they are broken in, they are SO comfortable! They go great with just about anything even with the black and red laces and welt. I was worried that the welt and laces would make it hard for me to match the boots with most of my wardrobe but honestly you can wear them with just about anything! If you look back at my Andrew Marc blog post, you will see that I am wearing black jeggings, anja black leather jacket and a purple long sleeve tee (I know it’s hard to tell) & it looks absolutely adorable!

Overall I would give these boots a A+, the reason being is because once they are broken in they are so comfortable and they are SO stylish! I have had so many compliments on them, I honestly couldn’t believe it! If you are looking for a comfortable, stylish, pair of boots that go with just about anything then these are the boots for you! I will even include the link for them! 😉 If you end up getting them let me know what you think! You won’t be disappointed!

You may have to copy & paste the link but the best deal on these boots are on the actual Ralph Lauren site itself! Macy’s has them for 50$ more!



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Look at them, aren’t they gorgeous?!?!