Posting on Social Media can be a scary thing!

I recorded my domestic violence story almost two months ago. I literally sat on that video that long because I was too afraid to find out what others would think! I almost had an asthma attack a few seconds after I posted my Domestic Violence Story on Facebook. I almost felt like I was going to pass out. The reason that I was so nervous is because I hadn’t ever talked about that part of my past on Social Media before. I was just nervous that others would judge me or talk badly about me! I’m not normally the type of person who will care what others think but Facebook is full of millions of people who love to bash people!

In the end I actually received an overwhelming amount of support! I didn’t expect that, honestly I’m not sure what I expected! I have gotten almost 200 views on my Youtube video about my experience with Domestic Violence which honestly isn’t a whole lot but it beats the 20 views I got before I posted the video!

The goal that I had in mind before posting the video  was based solely on helping others! & I was able to get a few others to talk about their experiences too! If my video helped at least one person then that is all that matters to me! I am glad that I reached out of my comfort zone and posted that video!

The whole point of this post was basically to say that posting things on Social Media can be a REALLY scary thing! But if you are passionate enough about something then nothing should stop you from doing what you want to do! Nothing!

Life is too short to let your fears stop you from doing what you want to do!

Take charge of your life & don’t be afraid to chase your dreams!